Note: This event is now over.

Sylvan Lake Municipal Library

Book Club

Sep 26, 2018  |  Fourth Wednesday of each month, 6:30-8:00 PM


A terrific way to expand reading horizons and meet people in the community. New members are welcome!

The Book Group is a terrific way to expand reading horizons and meet new people in the community. Titles include both fiction and non-fiction and are chosen by the group. Meetings are informal and all members are invited to share their reading insights.

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. No charge. New readers are always welcome! Members must supply their own copies of books to be read (library staff are happy to help you place a hold on a copy to borrow).

Make a title suggestion for the Book Group or get more information
Do you have a terrific book to suggest for the Book Group reading list? Please email the title, and why you are suggesting it; be sure to type "Book Group Title" in the subject line. Title suggestions will be considered by the group.


Cover image for  September 26, 2018 selection is "First snow, last light" by Wayne Johnston.

In bestselling, prize-winning novels such as The Colony of Unrequited Dreams and The Custodian of Paradise, Wayne Johnston has consistently surprised, delighted and riveted his readers. His new book, First Snow, Last Light, is an epic family mystery with a powerful twist of an ending that also marks the return of Sheilagh Fielding, one of the most memorable characters in fiction.

Fourteen-year-old Ned Vatcher walks home from school in the chill hush that precedes the first winter storm of 1936 to find the house locked, the family car missing, and his parents gone. What happened to the Vanished Vatchers? His father, Edgar, born to a poor family of fishermen, had risen to become the right-hand man to the colony’s prime minister, then suffered an unexpected fall from grace. His mother, Megan, had spiralled into despair. Was it murder? Was it suicide? Had they run away, leaving their only child behind?

The abandoned Ned is soon swallowed up by his missing father’s family and the poverty Edgar had escaped. His paternal grandparents, Nan and Reg, his Uncle Cyril and others, are themselves haunted by the inexplicable disappearance of a third Vatcher, a young man who was lost at sea on a calm and sunny day years earlier. Two other people loom large as Ned grows up to become Newfoundland’s first media mogul, building an empire to insulate him from loss: a Jesuit priest named Father Duggan and Sheilagh Fielding, the boozy giantess who wanders the streets at night, composing satiric columns that scandalize the rich and powerful. In Ned, Fielding sees a surrogate for her two lost children, the secret that dogs her life, while in the enigmatic Fielding Ned finds a startling and rare comfort.

The resolution of the mystery of all the Vanished Vatchers is spectacular. Only Wayne Johnston can create such larger-than-life, mythic characters and then embroil them in events that leave us speech¬less—contemplating not only their tragedies and triumphs, but the forces that compel us all to act in ways that surprise and sometimes terrify us. (Wayne Johnston)